Doctor arrested for blackmailing, uploading patient’s pictures on social media

LAHORE: Federal Investigation Agency has arrested a man for blackmailing and uploading a girl’s pictures on social media, Daily Pakistan reported. 

According to the complaint filed with FIA’s cybercrime wing, a doctor named Dr.Kaleemul Hassan was blackmailing one of her patients by uploading her pictures on social media. Acting upon it, an FIA team conducted a raid in Gulberg, Lahore to arrest him.

During the raid, Dr.Hassan’s mobile phone was also seized and had been sent to a laboratory for forensic examination.

In the recent past, there has been a surge in complaints related to online harassment. According to FIA officials that the scribe talked to, at least 65% of the total cybercrime complaints were related to cyber harassment.

Shmyla Khan from Digital Rights Foundation noted: “There has been an exponential rise in complaints and cases of online harassment. Reporting numbers are a unique mixture of increased awareness and rise in crime. Given that internet access is increasing rapidly due to its affordability, it is no surprise that these numbers are rising.”

While Shmyla noted that ultimately government was responsible to address this issue, some preventive measures by internet users could also help them avert this situation. “In the face of ubiquitous intrusions onto our digital freedoms and safe spaces, it becomes imperative for users to become vigilant and more informed users. Preventive and self-help measures can go a long way in preventing cybercrime—such as enabling two-factor authentication, revising privacy settings and being mindful of information we share online. However, this is not to say that the burden should rest with citizens, the onus is with the government and its executing bodies to ensure justice in the form of timely investigation and effective prosecution.”

Talal Raza from Media Matters for Democracy expressed concern at the capacity of FIA in dealing with such cases. “With the rise in internet penetration, such cases are going to rise with every passing day. However, it is frustrating to note that FIA is already under resourced and overworked. There have been instances whereby the victims kept waiting for FIA to register their complaint let alone act upon them.“ He added that the government should make a priority to enhance the capacity of FIA so that FIA was capable to manage the rising issue of cybercrimes, including online harassment.

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