PTA’s App Enables Citizens To Digitally Register Telecom Related Complaints

January 12, 2022 – In October 2021, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) introduced a mobile application for citizens to register complaints against telecom service providers. The purpose of this app is to ensure easy and hassle-free registration of complaints. The PTA Complaint Management System (CMS) app is available on both Apple Store and Google Play, making it accessible for all smartphone users. 

The app is easy to use, and displays content in both English and Urdu that will ensure no language barrier restricts citizens from filing a complaint with the Authority.

Once the app is downloaded, users are asked to register to the app by submitting a form with details like their full name, CNIC number, mobile phone number, postal address, and password to create an account. After the account is successfully made and the user has signed in, the app opens at the home page where the user can select from one of the four options based on their requirement: register a new complaint, track complaint history, user profile, and consumer awareness.

A new complaint can be registered,

  • Against a telecom service provider, 
  • Stolen/misplaced mobile phone, 
  • Content on the internet, and 
  • About mobile registration/Device Identification Registration Blocking System (DIRBS)

The user-friendly app also allows easy tracking of past complaints where users can also provide feedback on satisfaction with PTA’s complaint handling. The “Consumer Awareness” button on the app redirects the user to PTA’s website where a detailed guide on Consumer Support can be found.

The launch of the CMS App is a step in the right direction especially when there is a disconnect between regulatory authorities and the citizens in Pakistan. In addition, it indicates that the authorities are keeping up with the need to prioritise e-governance that is being adopted worldwide. With this app, not only the citizens will be able to effectively lodge complaints, skipping the traditional bureaucratic processes, but the regulatory body will also be able to understand the needs and patterns of the consumers and come up with innovative solutions.

Before the smartphone app, complaints were filed on the web at https://complaint.pta.gov.pk/RegisterComplaint.aspx or by calling PTA’s Consumer Support Center during office hours, mechanisms that are still operational and citizens can file their complaints through any of the three methods.

Mishaal is a Project Coordinator at Media Matters for Democracy. She is a Public Policy graduate with past experience as content strategist and research writer. Her main areas of interest are political science, world history, and public policy.

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