Fake healers swindling people on social media arrested in Lahore

News Source: Geo News

Writer: Mian Muhammad Abid

LAHORE: The Rawal Road police arrested two fake faith healers for swindling people on social media on the pretext of solving their problems.

According to the police, the accused, Zaigham and Waseem, are brothers who operated an account by the name of Shah Jee on Facebook. The officials added that the two brothers confessed to trapping people in Multan previously.

Man slits own throat on faith-healer’s advice in Chiniot

Police quoted the accused as further saying that they started scamming people in 2008 in Lahore and their regular clients would be couples wanting to tie the knot or married ones whose marriage was going through a difficult phase.

A hefty amount of money and weapons were also recovered from the accused during their arrest.

Woman kills son reportedly over ‘faith healer’s’ suggestion in Sheikhupura

Lately, many cases of people being conned by frauds in the name of faith healing have surfaced, mainly from Punjab.

In some instances, people were found to be physically harming themselves or their closed ones on advice from such frauds.

In October, a woman killed her son in Sheikhupura reportedly over advice from a faith healer.

According to the police, the woman, a resident of Ferozewala, thrashed to death her 22-year-old son Zeeshan after the faith healer told her to do so if she wanted “to stay alive”.

Image Courtesy: Geo News

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