2019 Mozilla Internet Health Report launched

Mozilla launched its annual Internet health report this week. This is the third annual report and looks at the state of internet. 

The report explores a range of issues including human rights implications of artificial intelligence, rise of smart cities, threat of deepfakes, the potential of user-owned social media platforms, pornography literacy initiatives, investment in undersea cables, and the dangers of sharing DNA results online.

Highlighting the key takeaways in a press release, Mozilla stated that there were many positive developments and worrying trends at the same time during the past one year.

Among the positive things, the report noted that “Calls for privacy are becoming mainstream….There’s a movement to build more responsible AI…(and) Questions about the impact of ‘big tech’ are growing.”

Among the concerns, the report focused on the rising instances of censorship, human rights concerns on biometric systems and artificial intelligence.  It added: “When you look at trends like these — and many others across the Report — the upshot is: the internet has the potential both to uplift and connect us. But it also has the potential to harm and tear us apart. ”

The full report can be read here.



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