Ministry of IT and Telecom Conducting Digital Pakistan Policy Roundtable Sessions

March 30, 2021 – The Ministry of IT and Telecom is holding Digital Pakistan Policy Roundtable sessions, titled “Improving Lives and Bringing Prosperity Through Digital Transformation,” as part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan “vision.” The roundtables began in Lahore on March 24, followed by Karachi on March 26, and are scheduled to end in Islamabad on April 1.

The roundtables are being held in collaboration with Pakistan Software Export Board, Ignite, National Information Technology Board, Universal Service Fund, P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association), National Telecommunication Corporation and Virtual University.

The events will invite stakeholders from the public and private sectors, academia and donor agencies to give their recommendations on the digital policy, with a focus on the policy’s “strategic pillars” of E-governance, ICT infrastructure, human resource development, innovation and entrepreneurship, fintech, E-commerce and digital platforms, IT/TeS development and exports, privacy and security, and collaboration and partnership.

“Pakistan Digital Policy Round-table 2021 provides an opportunity to examine the parallels between policy pillars and emerging changes in the technology space. It also reviews and suggests the diversity of socio-technical aspects,” said Nadeem A. Malik, a member of the PM’s taskforce for IT & Telecom.

The goal of the conferences is to develop a policy that will enable Pakistan’s digital transformation by providing affordable and credible digital services to citizens. The policy outlines the need to enact required policy frameworks, laws and regulations that establish a sustainable IT climate.

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