‘Hackers’ target three accounts in two banks at Alahbad

News Source: Dawn

By: Afzal Ansari

KASUR: At least three people having accounts in different banks at Alahabad town were allegedly deprived of their deposited amounts by unidentified hackers on Wednesday.

According to Amir Sajjad, an affected account holder of the UBL, he received a text message on his mobile phone informing him that Rs80,000 had been drawn from his account. As Sajjad had not drawn the amount, he rushed to the bank where the manager confirmed the transaction.

Sajjad informed the bank helpline about the incident after which his account was frozen.

He said the bank CCTV footage showed two young men operating ATM on Sunday night, noting down something on a paper and leaving without drawing any amount.

He said the hackers later drew the amount from some other branch on Tuesday night.

He added the bank had forwarded his case to its head office.

Similarly, another account holder of the same bank, Sher Muhammad, was deprived of Rs45,000 through the ATM, while Rs125,000 were drawn from the account of one Majid Ali, an account holder of the Bank of Punjab.

Ali had submitted an application to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), seeking a probe into the matter under cyber crime law.

The account holders have demanded the federal government should take notice of the fraud order steps to protect their hard-earned money from hackers.

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