Facebook Introduces New Features for Group Admins

Facebook has announced several new tools to help moderators and group admins in running their Facebook groups. The tech giant said that there are over 70 million active admins and moderators running Facebook groups globally, forming a crucial part of its mission of connecting people.

One of the new changes is a feature called Admin Home, which is a “simpler, more intuitive destination for all admin tools, settings and features that admins can tailor to their needs.”

Admin Home can be used by admins to quickly see what needs attention across posts, members and reported comments. It will also help in finding key tools through a clearer, reorganized layout that shows what’s available under each category. Admins will also have access to new features that are rolled out in the future.

Another addition is content moderation, which has been added to Admin Assist across desktop and mobile. This will allow admins to set up criteria to automatically moderate both posts and comments. They will have the ability to restrict certain people, based on how long they’ve been on Facebook or how long they have been a member of the group.

Admins will also be able to reduce promotional content by declining posts and comments with specific links, with the author receiving feedback so they can edit their post and re-submit it for review. 

Admins can also use suggested criteria from Facebook to “help defend the group against spam, maintain positive discussions and resolve conflicts within the group.” Admins can browse, add and edit that criteria to meet the needs of their group. Admins have the option to undo specific actions from Admin Assist, or to change and refine criteria over time.

A new type of moderation alert is also being tested called Conflict Alerts, which uses AI to detect when there may be controversial or unhealthy conversations in a group. Admins will have the option to temporarily limit how often specific group members can comment, and control how often comments can be made on certain posts that they select.

Facebook is also introducing a new member summary feature, which will allow admins to see a consolidated summary of each group member’s activity in the group, including how many times they’ve had posts removed or been muted in the group. Admins can also appeal violations for content they or other admins posted, or that they approved from members, as well as content from members.

Additionally, admins and moderators can tag group rules in comments and posts. Members can also tag specific group rules when they report posts and comments to admins, helping make community moderation simpler.

Romessa Nadeem is a Project Coordinator at Media Matters for Democracy, which runs the Digital Rights Monitor.

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