Cybercrime cases on the rise in 2018: FIA

ISLAMABAD: The number of cyber-crime cases filed with the Federal Investigation Agency, FIA are on the rise in 2018, Dawn News has reported

According to FIA, the agency has conducted 2,295 inquiries, registered 255 cases and made 209 arrests in 2018.

In contrast, the 2017 figures  were 1,290 inquiries, 207 cases registered and 160 arrests made. The  figures for 2016 stood at 514, 47 and 49 respectively.

The rising number of cyber-crime cases is worrying given the fact that FIA has long complained of limited resources at its disposal to resolve them. In June, FIA Cybercrimes Director retired Capt Mohammad Shoaib informed  a Senate standing committee that the agency only had 10 experts to investigate cyber crimes in the country.

On the other, while talking Dawn the unnamed FIA sources admitted that while the cyber crimes were on the rise, “the government’s recent measure to establish 15 new cybercrime reporting centres” will help control the situation.





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