Mobile app on reproductive health launched

LAHORE: Mobile application regarding family and reproductive health was launched here at a local hotel. 

Local social organization MASHAL organized an event with the help of international platform women deliver for the inauguration of a mobile application regarding Family Health  & Services,  women’s reproductive health and HIV/AIDS at the Luxus hotel,  Lahore.

According to the plan young generation will be given complete information about Family Health & Services, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS through this application (On Playstore), importance of procreative health,  HIV AIDS and access to government  procreative centres (geo tagging ).

Director MASHAL,  Laraib Abid highlighted the purpose of the project said that the country’s population is facing many problems. People are deprived of the basic provisions of Family Health & Services due to unawareness. People are deprived of the basic convenience  of Family Health & Services and good health due to lack of awareness. Public and young generation should be made aware of the alternative means available to control these problems. We need to provide our services alongside the government to spread this consciousness among the masses.

Many prominent personalities including renowned political representatives, Family Health & Service providers, social workers, representatives of various welfare organizations from different walks of life, citizens, representatives of communication,  students,  volunteers attended the occasion. On the occasion the participants said that free suggestions and facilities were available by the government for Family Health & Services and this App will become an assistance for the married couples in availing these facilities.

Orators deemed it the responsibility of the young citizens to control the growing population. Orators said that this application will have a positive impact on the social and economic life of the citizens. Government and various other participants showed their  support on this occasion and appreciated this effort whereas many organizations showed their willingness to render voluntary services to make this project more effective.

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